Testimonials and articles from clients and industry experts about Colournostics and how it has helped them either personally or for clients.

Colournostics session

Colournostics session to set boundaries Lockdown made it difficult to set normal boundaries. This case study will show how a Colournostics session helped a mum to set them. Overwhelmed with ...
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Meet Katrin Gudmudsson

Meet Katrin Gudmudsson Practitioner in the Spotlight Trust in colour, because together with your heart it always beats! Coaching with Colournostics She is a beautiful woman; I estimate her to ...
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Meet Ilonka Brakman

Meet Ilonka Brakman. Practitioner in the Spotlight AS LONG AS I KNOW WHAT TO DO, I'LL DO IT Coaching with Colournostics What impressed me a lot this past week was ...
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Helping a working mum out

In times of feeling overwhelmed of getting stuck in life, find out how colournostics helps this working mum? Watch the short video below to find out how. 
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No longer together

A common pattern of feeling you are unable to get over a breakup. How did colournostics help this young woman? Watch the short video below to find out how.
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Mother Issues

This is the story about how a mature woman dealt with her "mother issues" using our simple, yet powerful process. Watch the short video below to find out how.
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21 year old male with anxiety

A 21 year old male who has anxiety issues. After experiencing the Colournostics process, he now has a different perspective.
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Break Up Issues

This is a story of a woman who can't move past her break-up and how the Colournostics process helped her. Watch the short video below to find out how.
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My children use Colournostics

Find out how a 7 and 9 year old use Colournostics as a way to express their feelings. Watch the short video below to find out how.
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My motivation has returned

A short video testimonial providing feedback after using Colournostics and how it helped to restore motivation. https://bex-holland.wistia.com/medias/c9b0u2ra7h?wvideo=c9b0u2ra7h&foreign_data=mailchimp_campaign_id%3A8382240810
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Colournostics shifted my anxiety

A short video testimonial from a Colournostics user and how it has helped shift their anxiety. https://bex-holland.wistia.com/medias/zi1f6knm3s
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Colournostics helped clarify my thoughts

A video testimonial from a Colournostics user. https://bex-holland.wistia.com/medias/k6s6rmbbi6?wvideo=k6s6rmbbi6&foreign_data=mailchimp_campaign_id%3A8382240810
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Interview with a Colournostics Practitioner

Interview with a practitioner about how she uses Colournostics in her workshops and for herself. https://vimeo.com/447711233/8cd6c24f84
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