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Daniëlle Botermans

Colournostics toolbox

Colournostics Toolbox

A seamless addition to the Colournostics Fundamentals

Discover how this unique and creative method works and how it embeds mindset change in the brain. It’s an easy and seamless addition to the Colournostics process, which reveals blocks and obstacles in the subconscious mind. Through Colournostics your mindset changes to one of positive empowerment. Sqribox is a beautiful process for deepening and reinforcing this new perspective and the inner dialogue that goes with it.

Daniëlle Botermans has researched and developed this method over the course of 7 years and her many clients can testify to the positive effects they have experienced.

Sqribox 4 Colournostics Training

What you will learn:

  • How to use Sqribox® as a supplement to Colournostics
  • What Sqribox® does exactly
  • How to make optimum use of Sqribox®
  • What else you can use Sqribox® for

What does Sqribox 4 Colournostics bring you?

  • Your Colournostics sessions become even deeper and more thorough.
  • Clients report that the changes they are making are even more deeply anchored through this extra process.
  • It bypasses the brain’s sabotage mechanism.
  • The colours and materials used are matched to the Colournostics colours; you can get started right away

Can we make a link to connect to this directly?

You will find all the details about the training on the Colournostics website and you can also register here.. CLICK HERE

PS  Sqribox 4 colournostics is only for those who have completed the Colournostics Fundamental Course. The first 12 participants will receive a 50% discount on this investment in an additional tool.

If you have any questions about this course, please send an email to contact@sqribox.com

Testimonial of Thelma vd Werff

I did Sqribox's course with Danielle, the founder of Sqriboxm and I am impressed by how you can easily hold new perceptions in your subconscious with this method. It's a simple way but very effective. If you want to deepen your client's new perspective in another way, this technique is a great tool. I think Sqribox is a beautiful addition to the Colournostics method.

Origin of  Sqribox -Danielle Botermans

At the end of 2013 I came into contact by chance with something that would very quickly become my new hobby: creating an image while writing. The idea was that you could continuously write the same message in a circle and by working with different colors you could create images in this way. Now I had a passion for writing and I'm creative, so that seemed like something intriguing. And from that moment on I didn't put the pen down anymore. I was sold...

Now of course you need a text to write, and I decided very quickly to write my text using my thoughts and affirmations, that reflected my life themes. If you are constantly repeating a text, it better be useful, right?

At first I didn't think much about it, until my coach indicated that after writing, I was much less likely to fall back into old patterns, and my change in mindset became stuck in my mind.

That was an invitation for me to investigate why that came about, what exactly I did and what happened to me. During this search I came across all kinds of aspects: working around mandalas, writing, repetition, working with colour, working with images. Everything fell into place when I discovered ‘the neurology of change.’ What does your brain actually need? I discovered that actually all the important elements that your brain needs to deal with change are interwoven in Sqribox.

With that, the beginning of what is now Sqribox was born. The technique has been further developed into a complete method for anchoring in a change in mindset. With the help of the toolbox, you can translate new insights and a change in mindset, thought and beliefs, to actual neurological anchoring in your brain.

In the meantime, I have developed material that supports the change process for individuals, but also for processes with groups and teams. Because of the creative form and simple technique, it is easy to use in any situation where you encounter sabotaging thoughts or limiting beliefs.



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