Meet Katrin Gudmudsson


Meet Katrin Gudmudsson

Practitioner in the Spotlight

Katrin-Gudmudsson Certified Colournostics practitioners

Trust in colour, because together with your heart it always beats!

Coaching with Colournostics

She is a beautiful woman; I estimate her to be around 40. She looks shyly into the camera. I find it quite exciting,' she whispers almost unintelligibly. I reassure her and tell her that we are going to take our time and let the colours do their work. She doesn't have to say anything she doesn't want to, not even to share her problem or situation. Of course, she can tell her story, but that's not necessary. The control is with her and that gives peace. She seems to be hiding, but somewhere her beautiful self sparkles out through a crack. Today we do a Colournostics session together.

Katrin-Gudmudsson Certified Colournostics practitioners

Choose the colour that stands for your problem: Black

I see her looking at the screen attentively, checking the colours one by one. Yes,' she says, 'the colour keeps attracting me and somehow it feels oppressive to choose that colour. Where do you feel it? I ask her. She puts her hand on her chest and sighs deeply a few times. I'm so scared I'm going to cry. Her eyes are already filling with tears as she tries to blink them away. 'Is it bad if you cry?' I tell her about the tears that are the washing machine of the soul. It can be so wonderfully relieving to let tears flow, so that the energy starts flowing again. Tears give space to stored emotions. And then she lets go of her tears. Determined and with a heavy sigh, she says: 'I choose Black.

Colour is like that; it makes sense and shows you what is going on under the surface'

She reads the sentences belonging to Black and smiles. That can't be true, it just says 'fear of showing emotions'. Deep inside we know more than we sometimes think or dare to admit. There are more sentences that resonate and reflect the core of her situation. 'Tired of the demands of a dominant person.' 'Do you want to tell more about it?' I ask her. She shakes her head. 'It's OK.

Choose the colour for what is stopping you from reaching a solution: Brown

Are there different sentences for each colour?" she asks in surprise before we continue. Each colour has unique properties and therefore a different meaning and different sentences. Beautiful, isn't it? She chooses brown. I see her looking at the sentences intently, I see all sorts of things happening on her face, from wonder and amazement to fear and pain. Okay, this is weird, but it's true. She mentions a few sentences that touch her. It's about fear, insecurity and the feeling of being stuck. We continue talking about patterns and different thoughts that get in her way and literally hold her back and prevent her from coming to a solution. .

Her awareness grows and that makes her powerful

What I see is a woman who slowly comes into her own, because she begins to understand the core of the problem and the situation. Her awareness is growing and that makes her powerful. Because when you know what is going on at a deeper level, you get a grip. I take her to her breath and to a magical place where she lets her worries, fears and problems slide away in her mind. Her face relaxes, her shoulders sag even more, a soft smile begins to adorn her face. Slowly I take her back from the visualisation. She looks refreshed and relaxed.

Choose the colour that represents the feeling when the problem is solved: Dark blue

She has only just started to read the sentences of Dark Blue, when she says the sentence out loud: 'Taking charge of yourself and your life situation, that's just it' I see her strength increase when she utters the words. It is wonderful to see how she goes from a whisper to a powerful voice and that in just half an hour. We discuss what it would be like if she were the pilot of her own life. How nice and important it is to feel and experience that, to take responsibility with self-assurance for your own life.

Choose the colour that will help you achieve this: Red

She's got the hang of it, because as soon as she sees the colours on her screen, she chooses red wholeheartedly. She has no trouble picking out the sentences, she is radiant and brimming with energy. The sentence she chooses gives her the energy she needs, which will support her to achieve what she wants. As she says the sentence: 'I am brave and courageous and feel that I can handle anything, it is nice, and I feel supported and safe in the world'. It is beautiful to see her process unfold.

Choose the colour that represents your personal growth: Magenta

This is beautiful' she says radiantly. From now on I can do things differently, I have a different perspective' she says happily and enthusiastically. It is beautiful to see that by choosing the colours and the accompanying sentences so much is set in motion, again and again. We discuss what she can do with the written down sentences and colours, how she can use the last three colours as anchors and in what way the sentences will help her to 'do things differently from now on' as Magenta so beautifully showed her. She is radiant and very relieved. Although deep down I knew, I now know what I really have to do and I'm so grateful to you and the colours for that.


Would you also like to use the colours to increase your insight into the problem and the solution, so that your grip on the situation grows and change is possible?

Contact us to schedule a Colournostics session and have a look at the possibilities on our website www.Krachtvankleur.nl.

Trust in colour, because together with your heart it always beats!

Q&A with Katrin Gudmudsson

My name is Katrín Gudmundsson, a proud mother of two fantastic children. In 2020 I proposed to Roy, my orange, and in September 2021 we got married.
For almost 30 years I have worked at High Schools and Youth Care Institutions. I have been able to guide many young people and parents, given all kinds of training and developed and implemented programs for the benefit of young people with (psychiatric) challenges and special needs. In addition, I have done a lot of volunteer work for lonely elderly people, refugees and telephone help services for adults in psychological distress.

Since 2020 I have been the owner of Fly to Blossom and Kracht van Kleur (The Power of Colour). In December 2020 my book was published: 'De juf die geen juf is’ (The teacher who is not a teacher), the stories of the young people I have been able to guide. It is the story beneath the behaviour or behind that silent smile. Because when we know each other's stories, we are less likely to judge and we look more gently at ourselves and others.

Roy and I are following/searching for our dreams and have been living everywhere and nowhere for over 2 years, from Asia, the Netherlands to currently in Spain. It brings a lot of beauty although it is not always easy. My core qualities: Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Freedom, Positivity, Creativity, Resilience, Ingenuity, Growth and especially Cheerfulness.

My passion is writing, travelling, colours, photography, playing the piano, singing, reading, laughing. Creating beautiful moments with my loved-ones, and bringing colour to the world. Above all contributing to the happiness of everyone, including myself .

My biggest motivations: love, compassion and gratitude.

I want to contribute to a beautiful, caring, colourful and loving world.

Maybe it's more of a Wishlist for me. I would like to experience more beautiful adventures, make beautiful trips with my children and see more of the world together with Roy.

It would be great if I could set up a fund for people which offers opportunities and creates possibilities that brings more light and space for those in need. I love to share my happiness as much as possible.

If we could jump back and forth between life and death, I would love to meet family and friends again. It would also be nice to meet Maya Angelou, Mandela, Oliver Sacks, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Maria Callas, Gandhi, Audrey Hepburn. On this side I would like to meet Brené Brown, Paulo Coelho, Isabelle Allende, Gregory Porter, Erik Scherder and for example Midas Dekker. But I would like to meet so many more people, known and unknown, just by coincidence at the street or in the shop or wherever, so I can listen to their stories.

LOVE. This can be through anything from a good conversation, to a beautiful story, music, a meeting, a sentence or statement that I read or hear. A nice gesture from one person to the other. An unknown city, the moon, the cloudy sky, seagulls, flowers, colours. There is so much that can inspire me, the light but also the dark side of life. Discover beautiful rituals and get to know other cultures. Listening to stories... and listening to the silence.

What inspires me gives me energy. Or when I can inspire someone, share my knowledge or when I can help someone to believe again in themselves, activate their power within, so they can look at themselves and others with gentleness, gratitude. By adding light, air and a smile to the life of myself and someone else’s that brings me energy.

Colours give me energy, they touch me and are spot on. Flowers are my soul food and blowing bubbles is my guilty pleasure, I can do that for hours and hours and follow the beautifully coloured soap bubbles. I always take the soapy bubbles in a little pot with me, for you never know when needed a bit of happiness for me or someone else!

I laugh a lot and especially at myself, at my mistakes or bloopers and there are quite a few. My daughter calls it my 'one-man's laughter' Roy can also make me laugh a lot. Sometimes I make videos with Snapchat that use a special filter so it changes my head, face and voice, so weird and so wonderful funny. I can laugh uncontrollably at that. Sardine, Ten counts in the woods are games and I still like to play these games with my family, especially when we are in Sweden with my grown up kids and nephews…it’s a lot of laughter. Wonderful to laugh so much!

Warm, open, involved, adventurous, strong, brave, caring, funny, creative and very positive. Someone once said: 'I think you pronounce your surname Gudmundsson as GOOD MOODS ON' so funny, it made me laugh a lot.

My company Droom Durf Doe (Dream Dare Do) and FLY to BLOSSOM focuses on personal growth and development and includes multiple programs:

At the website www.krachtvankleur.nl you can experience the power of colour by:

  • doing the online Colour readings.
  • order the (online) training Colour Comfort method module 1: Learn and experience the power of colour.
  • or by one of the colour sessions, such as the Colournostics or the Colour Comfort breakthrough session: 'Catch my colour story'

At the website www.droomdurfdoe.nl you can read more about

  • The book 'The teacher who is not a teacher' and you can order it (for now in Dutch)
  • Fly to Blossom, this is a program that is about self-love and being the pilot (again) of your own life. FLY stands for: First Love Yourself. Self-love is needed to fully bloom and blossom. Because when you love yourself, you take better care of yourself. It is just like the safety regulations in the aircraft: first you have to put on the oxygen mask for yourself in order to take care of someone else. Loving yourself makes life so much lighter so you can embrace and sparkle your own unique self. The tools I use for this are diverse and are a combination of different methodologies and techniques that I have learned, including colour.

I mainly work online, because my house is everywhere and nowhere, but if we are near each other, anything is possible. A few times a year there is also the option to follow programs face to face somewhere in a beautiful environment in Spain or in Asia or anywhere else. Sign up for the newsletter on the website and stay informed of the offer.

The beauty of Colournostics is that the client remains fully responsible and in charge for her or his process, which fits perfectly with empowering the client. As Colournostics practitioner I supervise the process and without the issue or problem being fully explored. The client doesn’t have to share a lot about the problem of issue. That is of course an option, but certainly not necessary. With this you do not dive so much into the past or the problem, but you mainly focus on the here and now, and what is needed to get past the problem.
It is great to see that during the sessions there is often an 'Aha' moment, you almost literally see the energy flowing again and sometimes those are tears, the washing machine of the soul.

Becoming aware of the unconscious processes is the key to change and gives the client an immediate grip on the problem or issue and thereby the solution.
This makes it a very powerful tool, because only you are able to make a change and somewhere deep inside you unconsciously you have all the answers. Colournostics makes the unseen seen.

Colournostics puts the client in his or her power and does not make the client dependent on the therapist, coach or supervisor for achieving the change or goals. This makes it a wonderful tool for me to use, it creates movement for the client on all kinds of levels and therefore fits my way of working.

As I have already mentioned, I live everywhere and nowhere, but because this method can also be used by the platform Colournostics.online, I give my sessions from anywhere and I find it even more fun that the client can also sit anywhere. Like once a lady was alone in her tent at the campsite somewhere near the Pyrenees and I could support her with the help of Colournostics in her process of trusting herself again, feeling safe. As long as we are connected, I can give the session wherever I or the other person is. For example, I have recently been able to support several people in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The knowledge about colour has changed my life and working with Colour Comfort and Colournostics brings me powerful tools. These tools are allowing me to help my clients, family, friends and myself in a fast and powerful way to give an insight, flow and solutions to problems and things that have sometimes been going on for so long and seems to be stuck. It has become a part of my life and because I can do this method Online I can use Colournostics wherever I am and wherever the client is.

It is a wonderful method to get easily and quickly to the real core of the problem or situation. It goes right through all those thoughts, and makes the invisible visible. Colournostics reveals in an easy way the unconscious patterns, beliefs, blockages and change possibilities around the issue.

Colournostics helps to get to a deeper layer, it reveals the core of the problem or issue. It is a simple and yet profound way to reveal that what is blocking you unconsciously for getting past the issue. It isn’t necessary to explain a lot or even if you have no words for what the problem is, this method can bring clarity and indicate the possibilities for change. It gives a grip on the problem or issue by making the unconscious conscious so that you can start with the desired change. Because what you are aware of, you can change.

"Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud" - Maya Angelou

"When you do what you've been doing, you get what you always got" – Albert Einstein

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