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Colournostics session explained

Colournostics session to set boundaries

Lockdown made it difficult to set normal boundaries. This case study will show how a Colournostics session helped a mum to set them.

Overwhelmed with trying to manage her children during the lockdown, as well as work, a parent came to me for coaching. She felt she was losing her grip because her kids were pushing the boundaries in different ways, and she was going around in circles. As a result, she was getting more exhausted by the day.

In this situation, she didn’t know whether she needed to be tougher or more empathetic, and she basically felt she couldn’t get them to co-operate with her.

Colournostics session – 5-steps to setting boundaries

During the Colournostics session, the first colour she chose indicated that she was super stressed and because of that, running on empty, feeling ignored and disregarded.

After selecting Card 2, it revealed she felt hurt because she was making so much effort but wasn’t appreciated. Her family just saw her as angry, and therefore, she felt unfairly judged. She now realized she was in a hole that she couldn’t climb out of.

After the first two steps in the Colournostics session:

Step 1. addressing the problem

Step 2. knowing what blocked her from going on

She got more clarity and was ready to go on.

Waterfall session to get from the negative to the positive

Now it was time for her to get into the waterfall stage. In this stage, it is time for letting go of the negative. The water poured into the hole she was in and floated her to the top. This made her feel rested and supported and helped her to just surrender, and stop trying.

She was now ready to go on with the Colournostics session and was able to choose the colour for Card 3. This card reveals how one would feel if the issue is solved. Following her gut, she picked green. Which gave her a sense of relaxation, well-being and inner peace that can restore her inner balance.

Card 4 is the activation step, and for this, she picked the colour Violet, and with this colour, she opened up to receiving new ideas and inspiration. As a result of her choice, she felt confident about doing a major reset of expectations. Understanding the most important was the need for her to stay calm in her mind and body.

Card 5 is to evolve and start the new pathway of change. She selected Silver, which gave her a feeling of confidence and calm, and with that, create an action plan with solutions for the future.

colournostics process board

Colournostic coaching toolkit

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