Who uses it

Would you like to know what’s blocking your clients from moving forward? What’s keeping them stuck?

We’ve spent years helping our clients become free of their negative patterns, and this toolkit is designed for you to do the same with your clients.

You can adapt it and integrate it as an extra step in your current work or you can take your clients through the full 5 step process.

Examples of practitioners who use it are:

  • Life coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Business Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Career Consultants
  • Tutors
  •  Mindfulness teachers
  • Yoga teachers
  • Web designers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Beauty Therapists


Colournostics as a tool in my toolbox enriches my ability to find the clues and better understand the interpretation of my client’s pain, distress, discomfort and the imbalance it causes in their life. 

Colournostics provides a non-invasive insight while allowing the person to express and bring to light the issue, without having to talk about the issue, if they so choose.  Using Colournostics as a dynamic modality allows us, both practitioner and client, to understand and make the first step into a new path of shifts and transformation. 

Using Colournostics is a little like detective work, with symptoms and emotions as the clues towards cracking the code and understanding the big picture with its tiny details. It’s a versatile platform for my clients to get to know and explore their deeper levels and find solutions that most suit them. Via the colours, my clients are invited to find and create new paths in the maps of their lives. 

My practice as a holistic therapist envelops my attention to the details, the needs, wishes and wants of the person in front of me and lastly the intuition to utilise the tools in the toolbox suitable for the task whatever it may be.

Adva Webber, Warkworth, Auckland, 021 130 6363 


I had the pleasure of a Colournostics session with the gorgeous Mary Ashby -Green a wee while ago. I absolutely love the simplicity of Colournostics, you realise it, you own it, you release it and then move three steps forward. It is a brilliant system to use personally and with clients, it is so quick and easy and enables you to move on with something positive and a beautiful colour. As a massage therapist, it is another great tool to help with relaxation for my clients, before their treatment. If they have something that is niggling them, instead of lying on the table thinking about it, they can do Colournostics and let it go. For me Colournostics has given me some great direction with a big decision that I needed to make as well as some smaller issues. Thank you Mary and Thelma, I am thrilled to have one of your kits, that will be used for many years to come.

Kate Hattaway of Body Formula Massage,

Dairy Flat, Auckland, 021 404 583


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