Colournostics Fundamental Courses
Colournostics Fundamental Courses
Colournostics Fundamental Courses
Colournostics Fundamental Courses
Colournostics Fundamental Courses

Colournostics Fundamental Courses

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Fundamental Training Course €494 ($NZ830)

This introductory offer with all the extras and the reduced price will run until Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 11:59 pm or until the group is full.

Module 1 .1

  • Colournostics as a coaching tool
  • Colournostics 5 step method
  • How can you visualize color
  • Practical interview
  • FAQ's

Module 2

  • What is NLP
  • Better questions result in better answers
  • NLP and Colournostics
  • Tips on how to use Colournostics with your own children
  • How a Mother Uses Colournostics
  • FAQ's

Module 3

  • Kick-start your day
  • Mini process or 2-step process
  • Examples of the mini process
  • Practical interview
  • Magic in a box
  • Positive and negative colors
  • FAQ's


Free Colournostics Marketing Tools

The Colournostics training includes:

  • Colournostics Toolkit
  • Free shipping
  • Book with the Dutch translation
  • A module in your mailbox every two weeks
  • Assignments and workbook
  • Q&A with Thelma and Mary after module 2
  • Access to the private Facebook group for all your questions
  • Certificate of participation after completion of the training
  • Permission to use the Colournostics logo on your site

Discover the benefits

A significant discount of $NZ845 (500 euros.)

The normal price for this training, including toolbox, download materials, and all lessons is $NZ1680 (994 euros).

For this training, you get this nice discount and the training costs $NZ830.00 (494 euros).

Why such a big discount?

After 5 years of developing this method and trying out the many applications and the many people who have been helped, Colournostics is ready to grow. We invite you to the select group that will realize this.

Because we have seen through experience how powerful Colournostics is, we are happy to offer the participants many extras. It is about the added value that we would like to give you and that you can use for yourself and for your practice.

What extra benefits do you get as a participant of the training

  • Photo material
  • Free templates for Social Media
  • Quotes for Social Media and/or website
  • Social Media calendar with relevant days for Colournostics

When does the training start?

The training starts on February 15th 

Every 14 days you will receive a module and an invitation to the Q&A.