Module 6 – Dutch version


Available in Dutch only. English version available in October 2021.

This module is about recognizing a negative inner dialogue and physical symptoms and how you can change them with the help of Colournostics. In the physical symptom process you start the process from another side. Instead of asking how they feel emotionally, ask how they feel physically. You are still going in the same direction, clearing emotional blocks and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, so that there is room to make changes. Different people will get different results with this process, just as with other methods.

What will you learn in this module:

  • The negative inner dialogue and symptoms
  • The meaning of symptoms
  • Colournostics and Symptoms
  • Colournostics changes lives
  • Practical interview
  • Including workbook

Your investment:

125 euros



You can only start with the extra modules after successful completion of modules 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. You will then have a good command of the Colournostics 5-step method and you are ready to delve further into the possibilities.

Every 3 months there is a free Q&A for all your questions, even after you have finished the training, it remains available to you.

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