Module 5 – Dutch version


Available in Dutch only. English version available in October 2021.

Contents of Module 5

In this Module you will learn how to apply Colournostics when working with children. This Module is only suitable for people who already work with children.

What will you learn in this module:

  • Ways to simplify and adapt the language for the child’s age and  ability.
  • Alternative ‘stories’ to use for the transition process at the waterfall stage.
  • Introduction to the ‘Hue-man’, a process of creating a picture of their inner world in a step -by- step process. It makes their thoughts and feeling more visible and tangible, and helps with understanding what’s going on in their lives.
  • In depth Case study showing how to access their emotions (often in turmoil) beneath their physical symptoms and behaviours eg. withdrawl, anger, fear, aggressiveness etc.
  • Tips and hints from our experiences from working with children


  • Your investment:

125 euros



You can only start with the extra modules after successful completion of modules 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. You will then have a good command of the Colournostics 5-step method and you are ready to delve further into the possibilities.

Every 3 months there is a free Q&A for all your questions, even after you have finished the training, it remains available to you.


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