Colournostics Toolkit


Colournostics is designed for both coaches and counsellors and wellbeing practitioners as well as individuals and small groups looking to take control of their lives and looking for a hands-on tool to help their clients or themselves. It is also ideal for parents to use with their children.

The simple board game-like design makes it easy to literally lay your concerns out on the table in front of you, get to the core of the problem and enable you to move towards new ways of thinking and feeling, that increase your wellbeing.



  • 1x Colournostics board
  • 1x Colournostics 150-page manual
  • 19x Colournostics colour cards
  • 1x Colournostics ‘My New Perspective’ writing pad
  • 1x Colournostics instructions reference card
  • All housed in a convenient and portable box
  • Plus Vision Board process.
  • Plus 6 ways to use Colournostics


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