Client Case Studies and Testimonials

How do you address experiences that are just too painful and difficult to keep going back and talking about?

Here is a story from a client who came along to one of our workshops, looking for something different. She was shattered by an emotional trauma, which then manifested in debilitating nervous physical symptoms.

Through using the full 5-step Colournostics process, she has been able to release the pain and grief which has blocked her freedom and self-expression, and her ability to trust herself, others and the world.


‘I’m so grateful for my kit. I feel I am making such rapid progress after a long, slow and terrible struggle. I think you have certainly got the process right. It is easy to use for people, without direction, if they are determined and ready to make changes.

For me, having the kit is such a comfort, because I can find what’s bothering me very quickly. Then I let it work through me and determine where I want or need to go.

This all makes so much sense to me. Working with Colournostics is such a liberating journey. I feel I am rediscovering myself. I am so grateful that you have made this kit. I know it will continue to help me shed the layers I’ve built up around me.’