Different Applications

Different forms for using Colournostics are: 

5-step Colournostics Board process.

For in depth issues, and serious ‘blocks’ use the full 5-step process. You can use the Colournostics board, or use the colour cards. If you are coaching online, you can simply ask your client to choose a colour.

2 -step ‘Mini process’

See Page 1 for the first colour choice to understand the problem.
See Page 3 for the second colour choice to unlock new thoughts, feelings , perspectives and solutions.

Kick-start your day.

Set your mindset or intention for the day. Select one card and read Page5 for that colour. Choose the phrase that resonates most.


Vision Board with Colournostics

Magic happens when your goals and dreams are in alignment with your true self.
Get inspired and create the life you want with this easy and powerful Vision Board using the psychology of colour.
The colours you choose come from your subconscious mind, and bringing all parts of you into alignment. When your thoughts, feelings and actions match your heart's desires and inspirations, all parts of you are heading in the same direction. 
Your colours will show up any 'if's and but's' and clear out any subconscious sabotage. You'll be inspired when your colours show you the 'missing ingredient' that's needed to bring your goals into reality. 
 Energy flows where your attention goes, and this process brings you clarity and empowerment.


The first two steps focus on the problem and accurately pinpointing what's blocking you from being able to resolve it.

What makes this process different is that you'll be asked to choose the colour that resonates most with the issue first, rather than answer in words. In this way it short-circuits in-depth explanations and goes straight to the heart of the matter. You then refer to the manual to find the meanings related to that colour.

Pinpointing what’s blocking you is the next step, and once again, you are asked choose the colour first, then refer to the meanings of that colour which will help to explain the block.

Doing it in this order means you can access your subconscious feelings first, and then put into words what you are experiencing.

Usually people need to scan the colours till the right one makes itself known, because you are actually doing a high-speed analysis of the finer details of the issue, and you're drilling down to the root of the problem.

The Waterfall is a chance for you to reflect on what you have discovered, and to then take a moment to release these current patterns of thoughts and feelings to make space for new emotions and ideas.

It’s not just about overcoming the problem. When you receive new information about an issue, it changes your perspective, and you are then able to solve your problem from an angle you may never have never seen before. That’s why it feels liberating and very natural.

Steps 3, 4 and 5 have very specific questions. They are designed so that you are required to move way beyond the problem to a place of it being solved. It's important that you don't have to try to figure out how it will be solved, but rather what it would feel like if it was.

Again, instead of trying to figure it out, you first choose a colour, to allow your subconscious to do the solving for you.

Now that you can experience your situation quite differently, the following two cards reinforce your new directions and plans.

The notepad is there for you to write down the key statements that have resonated most powerfully for you, to be used as a reminder and affirmation of your new inner state.

When you begin using the board, it may be helpful to have a friend ask the questions, until you get familiar with the process.

Will knowing the colours and their meanings make the process less effective? It’s a question people often ask us, but in fact it’s the opposite, because the colours have so many layers of meanings that their colour choices vary with each situation.

It’s a surprise to people that what they chose last time is completely different next time.

Be curious and open to the messages the colours are giving you.



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