Colournostics explained

Colournostics in a nutshell

Colournostics is a unique self-empowerment tool that combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and colour psychology to enable you to articulate your concerns, identify the barriers that prevent you from overcoming them, visualise how you'd feel if your problems were solved, and empower you with a plan to get you to that point. 

Simple, practical & easy-to-use

Much like a board game in design, Colournostics in reality is a platform that enables you to literally lay your problems out on the table in front of you. You then follow the step-by-step process to release the subconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are holding you back, so that you experience a sense of freedom, light-heartedness, and confidence.

Colournostics explained

The process in this toolkit comes from the techniques we use with our clients in our professional practices. It's designed as a simple 5 step process -but don't be fooled, as it is harnessing the power of colour and the precision of NLP. 

You can use it to solve problems, or set goals with for yourself or your clients. These problems can range from relationship issues, challenges at work, worries about something or someone, money concerns, or to improve your performance in exams, or sports.

Once you've established the issue you want to focus on, you go through the five simple questions, relating it to the issue. Rather than replying in words to each question, you instead select one of the 19 colours that seems to best represent your answer. 

For every colour chosen, you then refer to the 150-page guide book that outlines the meanings of each colour at every stage of the process. Every colour has many hidden meanings, and you won't necessarily identify with all of them. It may just be one 'aha' statement that unlocks deeply buried feelings or beliefs that enables you to move forward to the next part of the process.

Navigating the board

The left hand side of the board focuses on diving deep into the problem and finding the web of thoughts and feelings that are connected to this issue. The book will provide you with new perspectives to explain the the feelings you're experiencing, and will identify what blocks you from overcoming it.

The waterfall section provides an opportunity to reflect on what has come up, to release it, and to make space for something new.

The third section empowers you or your client to step into the perspective of what life would be like if the problem was solved. Again, you choose the colour that best resonates with this new state of being. The next steps reinforce this new experience, and you're encouraged to use the pad to write these down, so that you can can go back to them after you've finished the process.

A colour psychology tool that can be used over & over again

The beauty of Colournostics is that it’s designed to be used again and again, each time focusing on a different concern. Some users may find it better working through the process by themselves, while others may find it more comfortable doing it with a friend. Coaches and counsellors can integrate it into their current practices.

Ready to take control of your life? Give Colournostics a go today.